Taladchemie imports and distributes specialty chemicals across various industries such as  paints, coatings, inks, resins, rubbers, plastics, cleaning, agricultural, pharmaceutical, food, packaging, personal care etc.

Our dedicated team of specialists is committed to supplying quality products and services. We ensure consistent supply and non-disrupted product supply,  ensuring high customer satisfaction at all levels.

With over 20 years of experience and expertise, Taladchemie delivers high quality products and works closely with customers. Not only does Taladchemie provide consistent technical support, we also provide chemical consultation to our customers.

Documentations are available

We help you find best-fit raw materials

We sell in different amounts

Fast and reliable delivery worldwide

High quality chemicals from global suppliers

Why Buy With Talad

Lower Production Costs

With over 40 years of experience, TaladChemie is  comnitted to supplying quality products and services

Over 40 years of Experience

TaladChemie imports and distributes high-quality specialty chemical products. We provide fast delivery worldwide

Free Chemical Consutation

Our specialists are ready to assist you to find your chemical products

Sell in Different Amounts

Whether in small or big amounts, Taladchemie is ready to cater to your requirements

Taladchemie imports and distributes high-quality specialty chemicals from  global suppliers such as The Dow Chemical Company, Akzonobel, Akzonobel Expancel, Shamrock Technologies, Evonik Industries, Creasorb, King Industries, Wooshin Pigment, Kenrich Petrochemicals, Kyeoisha, Incorez, Wayne Pigment , Nihonboshibitsu, Chartwell Internationals, etc


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